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The ONLY Guitar course in the world 100% focused on FREEDOM across the Neck.

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Why Does this Guitar Course Delivers  RESULTS

New approaches and NEW solutions for visualisation problems that every guitarist has. We will apply an INTENSE sequence of very GRADUAL exercises. Your Guitar technique is going to sky high.

Besides that, you will notice a constant care for STIMULUS. Cool backing tracks, clear objectives, goals to achieve.

The experience of more than 20 years took our DIDACTICS to a extremely refined level. Today we have more than 100,000 enrolled Students and we are #1  Music E-Learning in Brazil.

Person of the year - MUSICAL EDUCATION

Your teacher, Heitor Castro,  was awarded at the Gala hall of the Copacabana Palace, as 'Person of the Year 2016' for his leading work as Brazil's #1 e-learning Music System.

100% Risk FREE

If you follow the steps that i am going to reveal during the course, and within 15 days, by ANY reason, you feel that this course is not for you, we will give your money back.

Imagine To Play FREELY Across the Whole Neck

...Instead of playing  an idea in a certain point of the neck, and be forced to 'jump' to another point, where you better visualise the scale shapes.

Heitor Castro plays ALL Levels and Tempos Along With YOU

On this Guitar Course, Heitor plays ALL levels of ALL exercises WITH YOU. He won't 'just demonstrate' the goal!  You really feel face to face to your theacher at the Music School.

guitar technique

"The DIDACTICS and the support are great. I'm returning to my music path after 20 years ... As the good Lord provides me with a brand new Fender, He brings me Heitor Castro's guitar Lessons! I Finally found what i was LOOKING FOR! Guitar runs, here i go!"

Christian Milanez - Fortaleza - CE

I Was surprised to find an extremely professional work on this Guitar technique method! It's rare to find this level of CARE ON THE DETAILS. All that is great, but the most important thing is: THE METHOD REALLY WORKS!  At the end, i was really playing guitar RUNS naturally in my solos"

Camilo Lopes - São Paulo - SP

guitar method
guitar runs

" it's hard to buy a Guitar lesson on the internet... Many times they don't stand up to the expectations. You were a student one day, and you know how much you want to PLAY WELL. Suddenly you evolve to a LEVEL that you thought was impossible! The Guitar Method is AMAZING...  The Lessons are very clear, dynamic and sophisticated.

Luis Fernando de Oliveira - Campinas - SP

What you'll get if you enroll TODAY...

Phase #1 - Connecting the Shapes in an Efficient Way

Using Super-Gradual steps, we will present ascending and descending horizontal lines, that guitar RUNS you've always wanted to play! In this phase, we will work all the ideas in the Key of 'G' until everything gets very natural. Heitor will play ALONG WITH YOU thru all levels of the exercises.

Phase #2 - New ascending runs and Guitar Technique

Besides presenting new movements, we will work INTENSELY on your guitar technique to get the FLUENCY you need. You will Learn Fast ascending Runs. Here we will prepare you to play ALL the ideas in ANY string, any shape and ALL Keys.

Phase #3 - Combining the ideas (Guitar Runs + Guitar Licks + Guitar IMPROVISATION)

We will work TOGETHER  in a series on exercises focusing guitar speed! We will work on all the guitar runs to merge them with your personal guitar technique in a fluent way.

Get AHEAD of others! This is an ABSOLUTELY Original Course!!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

I Trust so much in the RESULTS of this course that, if you follow the steps that i am going to reveal during the course, and within 15 days, by ANY reason, you feel that this course is not for you, I Heitor Castro, CEO of “Mais que Música” chain of Music Schools, will give your money back. As simple as that.

Now, all the possible risks are om ‘my side’ and all the benefits are on YOUR side. Now, you just have to take the next step and forever change your way of playing Guitar.


Looking for Guitar runs, Guitar techniques and horizontal playing? This is your Guitar Lesson! Full support! My personal email:[email protected]